Jul 17, 2008

New Pictures !!

Breaking News!!

That's right MORE pictures !! I know what everyone is thinking....have you heard anything? Nope, not yet. Still waiting....the story of our lives! Right now it is 11:51 AM (11:51 PM our time) in Vietnam and it has offically been 3 months since they found out that we want the beautiful baby girl in these pictures. I know you are wondering what I am doing up at this hour typing on this blog. Well. I am so excited to get these pictures out to everyone I can't sleep. (and the Nyte Quil has not quite kicked in yet) We are still praying for that email to give us a date. I will keep you posted! For now enjoy the pictures!!

Jul 14, 2008

My personal goal

Every now and then I try to set a goal for myself just to see if I have the discipline to stick to it. One day while running in the neighborhood, I was thinking about how long this adoption thing was taking. I decided that I need something to make the time go by faster, some kind of distraction. I decided that I will try to run a 5K (3.1 miles) every day until I get Ema. If I miss a day I have to make it up. Sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it. Well, if you know me at all, you know that I am very determined and will do whatever I have to do to complete my personal goal. So far I am doing great. Hopefully it will not be long....

To see how I am doing so far check out "My Running Calendar"

Jul 9, 2008

Still Waiting.....

When we received your beautiful picture, we were told that it would probably be 3-5 months before we heard anything regarding a travel date. Well, 3 months will be next week (July 15th to be exact). Not that we are counting or anything. Since we have seen your picture, the emotional roller coaster has been quite a ride. Staying excited for this long is EXHAUSTING but I believe that GOD has something very special in store for us.

Some exciting things that have happened since my last post...
We have become friends with a couple that has a baby girl from your orphanage. We hope to stay in touch with them and maybe even visit them once we are home and settled. I would love for you girls to grow up knowing each other.
We finally got your room completed and just the way we want it. It is beautiful! We go in it often and just dream of you in the baby bed or playing with some of your toys.

Camille came to visit last week and she is so excited about you. She wants to be called Aunt Camille. I am sure you will look up to her as you grow up. She's a pretty amazing kid in our book! (love ya Camille)

We have so many people praying for you and for this adoption to speed up. We are so anxious to see you. We were talking last night that we can almost see you running around our living room. We love you so much and cannot wait to see you!