May 14, 2008

As I sit here wondering when I am going to be able to meet you, I cannot help but smile. I look at your picture and I cannot believe you are the child the Lord picked for me. You are the most BEAUTIFUL child I have ever seen. I am so blessed to have you. I pray for you everyday. I pray for your safety and for your health. I pray for the ladies that are taking care of you in the orphanage, and I pray that the Lord protects you comforts you everyday until your dad and I are able to get you. Ema, the love that I have for you in my heart is indescribable. It gives me chills just thinking about it. I cannot wait to watch you grow and to see what the Lord has planned for you. I am so happy that his plan for me and your dad was to adopt a baby. I cannot imagine a more perfect plan. Just a little longer Ema and I will be there to get you and I promise that I will always love you no matter what. I hope it won't be long until I am able to see your beautiful face and your sweet smile.



Paula said...

Hey Emily,

You and your husband have such a beautiful daughter and she is your very on blessing. I’m truly happy that God has blessed you and your husband with such a beautiful child and in God’s time she will be in your arms for you to hold and shower with the love that I know you have for her. I pray you and your family many blessing and a safe return with the child that you’ve been indeed blessed with. Love you Gurl! Paula

Anonymous said...

Emily, Kirk and Baby Ema,

Matt and I can't wait until you are all together as a family - just like God meant for you to be. We love you so much!
Krista and Matt

Anonymous said...

Kirk & Emily,

We are so excited about the new addition to your (our) family. I know you have waited a long time for such a wonderful blessing. We can't wait for you to bring her home. We love you Ema!!


Anonymous said...

lEmily and Kirk,
I am so excited you have baby Ema!
God is a good God and all good things come from Him! What an exciting time in your lives. The adventure has Just began!!
I would like to recommend a book and website that you might find very helpful. "The Babywhisperer" by Tracey Hogg. When Jerry and I had Tyler we found this book VERY helpful and referred to it often. I have recommended it to every new parent I know.
God's timing is perfect...
God, in Jesus Name I ask you to bless this family. Give them wisdom and peace as they mesh together. Direct their minds and lead them each day. And God by your Holy Spirit comfort baby Ema deep in her spirit. Let her sleep be sweet and restful and carry her in your arms. Lord hide this family in the shadow of your wings as they trust in you and your care.
Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
You had faith while hoping for baby Ema, now look in your arms!
Love Keitha (Lindsey)