Jul 9, 2008

Still Waiting.....

When we received your beautiful picture, we were told that it would probably be 3-5 months before we heard anything regarding a travel date. Well, 3 months will be next week (July 15th to be exact). Not that we are counting or anything. Since we have seen your picture, the emotional roller coaster has been quite a ride. Staying excited for this long is EXHAUSTING but I believe that GOD has something very special in store for us.

Some exciting things that have happened since my last post...
We have become friends with a couple that has a baby girl from your orphanage. We hope to stay in touch with them and maybe even visit them once we are home and settled. I would love for you girls to grow up knowing each other.
We finally got your room completed and just the way we want it. It is beautiful! We go in it often and just dream of you in the baby bed or playing with some of your toys.

Camille came to visit last week and she is so excited about you. She wants to be called Aunt Camille. I am sure you will look up to her as you grow up. She's a pretty amazing kid in our book! (love ya Camille)

We have so many people praying for you and for this adoption to speed up. We are so anxious to see you. We were talking last night that we can almost see you running around our living room. We love you so much and cannot wait to see you!



Sonya and Tony said...

You have another picture!!! I haven't seen that one yet. She is so beautiful!EVERYTHING is going to be just fine! God is in COMPLETE control. I pray for you guys everyday. Ema is so lucky.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know we have been thinking about you both and keeping you in our prayers. Ema is a very lucky girl to have parents like you. Hoping for a speedy adoption. Please send lots of pictures when you can. God Bless!

Jon & Charity