Aug 10, 2008

New Outlook:

As all of you know, we are having a really hard time waiting on the email that needs to be sent before September 1st. It seems like it is never going to happen. Well today, I have had a change of attitude. Kirk and I watched Joel Osteen today and like always he didn't step on my toes he STOMPED on them. The title of his message was "Your closer then you think". Wow, what an eye opener. He spoke about how when times are rough and seem like they are never going to get better, this is when GOD has something big in store for you. As Kirk and I watched this we both could not help but think of the adoption. We know that this is our child. We know that she is the one that GOD has chosen for us. If he chose her for us why would he not allow us to get her. We are expecting the email. We have faith that this troubling time is going to pass and we know that once she is placed in our arms that we will not remember any of this. He spoke of the labor pains of a pregnant lady. Troubling times are the labor pains and you have to push through them. We have to push through, not because we have spent our life savings plus some on this child (just kidding) but because Ema needs us and we need her. I have said since the day I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, giving up is not an option and that applies to this situation as well. Please...everyone who is reading this... CONTINUE to pray with us. We are praying and EXPECTING that whatever obstacles are in the way of us getting her will be wiped away and that we will be united with her SOON. I don't have Philippians 4:13 posted all over my house for nothing. I can do ALL things through CHRIST who GIVES ME STRENGTH! We believe that he is total control and that he will allow us to get the email soon!

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Randall Hildreth said...

I just finished a study of James in my Sunday School class at church. Read James 1 : 1 - 4. It is comforting in spite of how things look. James 5:13 goes on to tell us that "if any is afflicted (suffering) let him pray. If any merry, let him sing songs to the Lord." God balances the good times with the bad. He gives us hours of suffering but days of singing. We are praying for your "affliction" but praising him for the current and future merry times. I will bring this need before my class on Sunday and the whole church, too. These folks know how to touch the Lord.

Hang in there.

Randall Hildreth