Nov 20, 2008

Time fly's when you are having fun

I have never been one that likes change. Kirk and I are very routine people. We get up at the same time every morning, we do the same thing every morning, we carpool to work. After dropping Kirk off, I go to work and begin my routine. Later, I pick Kirk up we then go home change clothes and head for the gym. Kirk lifts weights while I run. Once finished, we come home, eat, clean up the kitchen and then it is time to go to bed and start over the next day. For 5 years, this has been our routine in a nut shell. Today, all of this changed. I handed over my calendar that I have kept up all of my patient information on to a fellow nurse (Shawns) that will be taking my place. She has been riding with me for the past few months and has been getting to know all of my patients. Today she took me to lunch to bid me farewell. While I am very thankful that I am getting a break from my job and will be soon meeting Ema, but for me it was a sad day. (Yes I cried)
So what is next? Kirk and I will be finishing up all the important things for our trip tomorrow: hair cuts, manicures, last runs.....oh and PACKING! Kirk and I have been dreading packing. We have the suitcases down but that is it. Tomorrow night should be fun. Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving and we will be watching our last Memphis game for a while.


kate said...

I have to admit I am jealous. The excitement that is eminating throughout your house must be more than you can handle. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to meet baby Ema.

Sarah said...

congratulations! i'm so glad it's time for you to travel to bring your baby home. may you have safe travels and a happy, occupied baby on the flight home:) i'm dreading the 16 hour flight home with our baby boy when our time comes!
so excited for you...