Nov 23, 2008

To follow our trip while we are Vietnam please use this link and save it to your favorites.

Thanks for following us to Vietnam!!!


Paula said...

Your blog is so incredible! It touches my heart so deeply to see the love you have for this new baby girl. Stay safe and know that we are in constant prayer for you and your new life with Ema.

Buddy & Paula Lewis

Henry & Gwen said...

This little Angel "Ema"is so blessed to have parents who love her so much. May your meeting with Ema be everything, and even more, than you two have ever imagined. God will watch over you on your journey. Our prayers are for safety, calm and happiness for you.
Henry & Gwen

Chad Harkness Family said...

Congratulations! You are in our prayers. Cade has enjoyed seeing the pics of Ema Li. She is beautiful! Maybe they can play when she gets settled.

Sonya and Tony said...

Hey Em and Kirk. I'm so happy for you. She is so beautiful. You are constantly on my mind. I miss you so much. Words can't even describe how I feel. God is amazing.